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    I became fascinated with photography at an early age, thanks to my father. It wasn’t his photographic skill that inspired me, though, since my dad was not a very good photographer. We would always joke how people in his photos would have plants and trees growing out of their heads.

    It was actually my father’s camera that captured my interest. I loved the way it felt in my hands — all those cool buttons and controls. It intrigued me. I was also amazed at how it could be used to create these awesome images.


9 Things to Avoid for Your Honeymoon

BelagioPanarama29 Things to Avoid for Your Honeymoon

1. Spending Too Much Time Travelling

If you are taking off from the wedding, or very soon afterwards, for your honeymoon, you’re going to likely be met with a bit of post-wedding exhaustion. Try not to plan a honeymoon that requires a lot of intricate travel details to far away locations, especially if you only have a few days to spend once you get there. Instead, try planning more locally or at least only spend 1/2 day or less in the travelling each way.

2. Overscheduling During Your Stay

Maybe you’ve been on wedding planning overload, but don’t try to cram every activity and adventure into your honeymoon. Chances are you’ll want some down time to recover from the chaos of wedding time-tables. Look into what you and your new spouse might want to do, but avoid making solid plans until you actually arrive.

3. Taking the First Online Deal you Find

Yes – there are wonderful travel deals to be had online, but this isn’t a last-minute weekend getaway where you are taking the most crowded red eye flight available. Triple check the offerings and contact hotels directly to verify their amenities. Many guests have been surprised to arrive and find that the online description was very little like the actual accommodations.

4. Surprising Your New Spouse

Maybe when you celebrate your 10th wedding anniversary you will know enough about each other to pack the other’s bag. The honeymoon, however, is a time to learn even more about the other person and you don’t want to spend it realizing you forgot to pack his favorite sweatshirt and didn’t realize that he gets airsick so you left for the airport without any Dramamine.

5. Travelling as a Married Couple

Even though you may have taken his name during the ceremony, if you leave for the honeymoon before your legal paperwork is complete and your driver’s license still lists you with your maiden name you could run into challenges. Make sure that until all legal documents – passports, credit cards, driver’s licenses, etc. – match up with your reservations and other paperwork. You might be excited to introduce yourself as the new Mrs. Smith, but your passport might say otherwise.

6. Going as a Group

Don’t invite friends, decide to visit friends, or try to travel on a group tour for your honeymoon. You’ll probably soon realize that you were hoping for more alone time and those “friends” will probably be ready for a break from the happiest couple in the room who are still only talking about the wedding.

7. Travelling to an “Old Flame” Location

Even if it leaves only the backyard or the local grocery store, do not plan a honeymoon for a location you or your spouse already vacationed at with a former boyfriend or girlfriend.

8. Announcing on Social Media Your Every Move

For safety and security reasons alone, keep your honeymoon plans to yourselves. If you announce on social media that you are travelling for the week to beautiful Hawaii, everyone knows how long you will be gone, but also that your home could very well be stocked with some amazing, brand-new wedding gifts.

9. Waiting

Even if your budget and your time only allow for one evening at a new restaurant or a romantic picnic in the park – do something to mark your honeymoon period. This is the only time when you will be newlyweds. It is not so much the adventure of the honeymoon destination as it is taking those extra moments to celebrate – just the two of you.


Hollywood Engagement Session

I recently trekked out to Hollywood to photograph Tiffany and Justin’s engagement session. I love that place – just so many fun places to shoot. The big surprise came at the very end of our time together when I discovered that I had been hanging out with Superman all day. Have a peak below to see what I mean….

Engaged couple in Hollywood

Superman in Hollywood


Temecula Winery Wedding – Slide Show

Time for another awesome slide show. This time it’s Valerie and Kevin’s wine country wedding – enjoy!


Rosie Paez - April 17, 2014 - 11:02 PM

William, thank you for taking such wonderful pictures of my beautiful daughter. The pictures are gorgeous. This was such a beautiful day and I everyone had a great time. Thank you again.

Valerie George - April 12, 2014 - 10:12 PM

I love this!! I’m so excited to see the rest of the photos!

Temecula Wine Country Wedding

California is know for its wine country and outdoor wedding ceremonies – so when Valerie and Kevin’s wedding day arrived I knew it was going to be awesome. The weather in Temecula could not have been more picture perfect (no pun intended). The outdoor ceremony held at Falkner Winery was beautiful with soft warm sunlight falling on the surrounding vineyards. Guests were treated to a cocktail hour in the wine cellar followed by a reception with tons of fun and dancing.

Here are some of my favorites:

Bride and groom getting married

wine country weddingWedding at winery

Acton Creative Flowers - April 9, 2014 - 11:24 PM

Thank you William for the Great Photography…..and Thank you Valerie for being such a Beautiful Bride, &fun Bride, love Mom too!!!!!

Valerie Paez - April 9, 2014 - 11:14 PM

OMG!! I absolutely LOVE these photos!!

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