Newhall Mansion Wedding Venue

Newhall Mansion Wedding Venue

It is no exaggeration to say that the Newhall Mansion is almost impossible to describe in words – or maybe that is because I do my best describing it with photography. Either way – the Victorian glamour and elegance that comprise this mansion are hard to replicate elsewhere. From ornate wood paneling to carved stone, no detail was overlooked or uninspired when it came to creating this truly magnificent venue. If your dream wedding is in the rich halls and rooms of a Victorian mansion (yet has the modern amenities that every bride and groom want and need) or on the sprawling lawns, the Newhall Mansion offers one of the most amazing venues for California weddings with Victorian flair.

Silhouette by Newhall Mansion Pool

Bride and Groom at the Newhall Mansion.

Kissing bride and groom

Bride and Groom in Tavern at the Newhall Mansion


Newhall Mansion Wedding Venue

Even if your guests never step foot in the richly detailed hallways, they will see what I get to see through my lens – palm trees that seem to rival the height of the hills in the background, gorgeous shade trees, citrus orchards, and pockets of meticulous gardens and fountains. A picture perfect gazebo rests atop a stone pathway – another backdrop for wedding photographs that never disappoint. Newhall Mansion Weddings are breath-taking. All of these play important roles in setting the tone for your wedding – and the winding stone pathways that gently curve through the landscape only add to the Victorian theme. Just imagine what an afternoon or sunset ceremony would look like in this environment, with the mansion as the backdrop.

Table setting based on clocks at Newhall

Table setting at the Newhall Mansion

Newhall Mansion Weddings venue with bride and groom

Living Room at a Newhall Mansion Wedding

If you decide to plan your wedding using the interior of the mansion, the possibilities for photos are endless. Even something as a simple as a window becomes a statement from within the mansion with detailed stained glass and ornate wood frames. The furnishings themselves make for elegant props we can use for gorgeous Victorian style photographs. With a setting as amazing as this one it is no surprise that the Newhall Mansion has been used in filming various movies and TV shows. Are you ready for it to be the backdrop to your own fairytale story?

Groom in tuxedo at the Newhall Mansion

Groom in Tails at the Newhall Mansion

Landscape of the Newhall Mansion

Newhall Mansion in Piru CA


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