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    I became fascinated with photography at an early age, thanks to my father. It wasn’t his photographic skill that inspired me, though, since my dad was not a very good photographer. We would always joke how people in his photos would have plants and trees growing out of their heads.

    It was actually my father’s camera that captured my interest. I loved the way it felt in my hands — all those cool buttons and controls. It intrigued me. I was also amazed at how it could be used to create these awesome images.


On Wednesday my wife and I traveled up to Santa Ynez wine country to photograph Nicole and Nick’s engagement pictures. This was actually part two of our engagement session. We ran into some time constraints on our first session (which you can see here). So we decided to take in a little wine tasting and get a few more photos. It was a great day up in Santa Ynez as we enjoyed a bottle of Syrah and Pinot Grigio. My wife and I also stopped off in Santa Barbara to have dinner with our youngest son.

Nicole and Nick were great to hang out with. We shared a lot of stories and really got to know this amazing couple. Their wedding is fast approaching in a couple weeks and I am looking forward to an awesome beach wedding. Here are a couple of images from Part II.

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Brides always seem to smile a lot on their wedding day, but none more that Claudia. She was so happy about her wedding that her smile was beaming non stop the whole day. As I went through all the photos it was almost impossible to find an image without her smiling (unless I had asked her to give me a sultry look for some portraits).

Now Ruben, who smiled as well, went all day with something else on his face. His Sunglasses! He was never without them. It seems to run in the family, because I noticed his two brothers were never without theirs as well. Even some of the dancing photos late at night had Ruben’s brothers with their sunglasses on the back of there head. I do have to admit though that Ruben was styling in his new shades. I did have a little sunglass envy going on.

Claudia and Ruben were very easy to spend a day with – always happy and truly enjoying their wedding.

I would love to hear from you – please contact me.

To see more of my work – www.innesphotography.com.

  • Mitchel Wu - August 27, 2010 - 4:04 PM

    Beautiful, William. I love seeing how the story unfolds in front of me while looking at your photos.ReplyCancel

I love making these slide shows. It gives me an opportunity to revisit the wedding photographs a week or so after the wedding. I always end up noticing subtle things in the images that I did not see the first time. It just goes to show – the more we look at photographs, the more we will see. Here is Yajaira and Paul’s slide show from August 8th.


I would love to hear from you – please contact me.

To see more of my work – www.innesphotography.com.

  • aaron - August 25, 2010 - 10:23 AM

    Love this slide show. Quality images and very creative motions!
    Great jobReplyCancel

  • gustavo solis - August 30, 2010 - 6:24 AM

    El haber estado en un evento tan hermoso solo se puede describir
    de esta manera bendición de JehovaReplyCancel

Here are the details for my upcoming workshop if you want to raise your wedding photography skills.

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Today is all about Weddings with  photographer William Innes.  This hands-on workshop will be an action packed full day.  The day will include everything from an actual bride and groom photo shoot.  You will learn posing, how to work with your couple and dealing with lighting.  Once we are done shooting we move into the studio and hit the computer.  William walk you through his actual workflow, from import, picking images to processing.  He will demonstrate his editing tools, from Lightroom to actions to Photoshop.  William will also take your favorite image from your shoot and process it with his spin on it.  We wrap the day with our Q&A with William as he answers every question tossed in his direction.  Please bring your camera, lenses, flash and laptop as this is a hands-on workshop.  Please note that lunch is included with this workshop.

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