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    I became fascinated with photography at an early age, thanks to my father. It wasn’t his photographic skill that inspired me, though, since my dad was not a very good photographer. We would always joke how people in his photos would have plants and trees growing out of their heads.

    It was actually my father’s camera that captured my interest. I loved the way it felt in my hands — all those cool buttons and controls. It intrigued me. I was also amazed at how it could be used to create these awesome images.


WPPI, William Innes & Buckeye Color Lab

I am so excited to to announce my association with Buckeye Color Lab. They have asked me to speak at their booth during the upcoming WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) convention in Las Vegas March 7 though 10th. Buckeye plans on featuring my work in their booth display and website. See my image on their homepage below.

I feel so honored to be associated with such a great company. To all my photographer friends – be sure to drop by and see me in Vegas!


I would love to hear from you – please contact me.

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Virginia - February 23, 2010 - 10:45 AM

Ha I just sent you a note before I read this! Wonderful!!

Mitchel Wu - February 16, 2010 - 3:13 PM

Congrats, William! This is awesome!

My Buddy – Ty!

I went to our local park last week with my buddy Ty. His mom and sister watched as Ty and I went though our photo-shoot paces. It was a great afternoon with Ty being a super-duper model! Here are couple of shots. The first one is my favorite. Do you have a favorite? Let me know.





I would love to hear from you – please contact me.

To see more of my work – click here.

Mitchel Wu - February 16, 2010 - 3:14 PM

What a dapper young gent! Beautifully photographed…

Jessica - February 10, 2010 - 3:01 PM

LOVE the first pic! What a cute little guy. Great pictures, as always.

Susan & Michael Slideshow

Here is a little slideshow presentation of Susan & Michael’s recent wedding. What a fun day. Loved the “blue” shoes!

I would love to hear from you – please contact me.

To see more of my work – click here.

susan - January 25, 2010 - 10:22 PM

william! we LOVE the slideshow! you did such a great job. we can’t thank you enough!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME stuff!

L.A. Style Unveiled Interview

L.A. Style Unveiled is an awesome wedding blog that brides can visit to read and see the latest wedding fashions and trends. The blog contains great articles, real weddings from LA’s hottest wedding photographers and a vendor directory to help with planning.

The blog is published by Heather and Kimberly and I recently had an opportunity to interview them on their success. You can read the interview below and don’t forget to visit StyleUnveiled.com.


• Tell us a little about yourself and how you became involved with everything weddings?

Kimberly and I have long been inside the wedding industry … I was a wedding coordinator for close to 5 years and Kimberly is a fabulous photographer.  After years of learning how this industry works, what piques brides’ interest, and what was missing, StyleUnveiled.com was born:)

• How did Los Angeles Style Unveiled get started?

LA Style Unveiled was the 2nd city that StyleUnveiled.com launched.  We were so excited (and a little nervous, to be honest) to launch in such an amazing city with so much high-style and so many fabulous weddings happening.  We’ve been blessed to have been received well in Los Angeles and feel this is what we’d consider our ‘national blog’ if we had one.  Los Angeles is such a major trend setter and cultural center that we get to see many of the trends appear here and make their ways to other cities!

• What would you describe as the goal or dream for LA Style Unveiled?

Oh, boy:)  How much room does this blog post allow?  lol … I would say our biggest goal for LA Style Unveiled would be that brides and vendors alike see this site as a local wedding website that features everything Los Angeles (and southern cali).  If a bride is planning her wedding in LA, she should feel that LA Style Unveiled is a safe place to come to plan like crazy, without the fear she’ll fall in love with a wedding pro’s work who is across the country or otherwise unavailable to her.  If she loves what we showcase on the site, everything is right at her fingertips (literally).

• Congratulations on recently celebrating the first year anniversary of LA Style. How does it feel? Is there anything new and exciting we can look forward this year?

We couldn’t believe that a year had flown by!  Because StyleUnveiled.com is reaching our brand and company across the nation, we always feel like we’ve just launched;)  To know that we have been in LA for a year was an awesome feeling and we can’t wait until year two passes by.  We are super excited about 2010 and have tons of great things happening behind the scenes that will soon be unveiled to Los Angeles … as always, you can count on our site for updated blog posts and beautiful real weddings.

• Are there any recent trends you see taking place in regards to wedding ceremonies or fashion?

More and more, we see brides who want to incorporate their own personal flair and style into their wedding. For instance, if the couple really loves Halloween, they have a Halloween-themed wedding … If they love the movie “There Will Be Blood” they incorporate this into their day.  LA Style Unveiled loves it when a couple makes a wedding their own, something they will look back on and think:  “yes, that was us and we still stand by that today” … it makes for a great memory and some great photos!

• This is a very popular time for wedding engagements. What advice do you have for recently engaged couples that are just starting to plan a wedding?

Read wedding blogs!!!!!  Seriously, blogs are the most up to date tool for a bride out there today … The great blogs are updated weekly, sometimes daily and that is advice/inspiration you can’t find anywhere else:)  Also, looking through LA Style Unveiled real weddings is also very helpful, as we take advice directly from the bride and groom and put it out there on the web for current brides to learn from.

• Any final thoughts?

Planning a wedding is one of the most creative and heartfelt endeavors a person will experience.  We’d encourage brides to really embrace the process, not get overwhelmed with it!  We’re here on the blog to help support and offer ideas and answer questions.  There’s no “right way” or “wrong way” to do it.  Use the online wedding community to create a great experience and even make friends with others with the same passions whether that be bloggers, vendors, or other brides!

I would love to hear from you – please contact me.

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